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Continuation of part 1, Waxword II: Lost in Time 1992 promises to bring more suspenseful and exciting details that will not make you feel disappointed. To better understand the plot of part 2 of this movie, please immediately see the following article!

Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992) movie introduction

Waxwork II: Lost in Time is a 1992 American dark fantasy comedy film written and directed by Anthony Hickox. It is a sequel to the 1988 film Waxwork.

The film was released in theaters in the Philippines by Jemah Films on March 26, 1992, and was intended to have a US theatrical release in the same way as season 1. However, the producer later decided to switch to broadcasting. live on June 16, 1992.

Although it was written by a British writer, American actors were allowed to change words and expressions in their own language.

  • Directed by: Anthony Hickox
  • Production company: Palla HB Filmrullen Image Joint Stock Company

The main plot of the movie Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

In the previous part of this movie, Mark and Sarah left behind a wax figure. They get into a taxi, but the severed hand from the zombie exhibit also escapes, following Sarah home and killing her stepfather. Soon after, Sarah was tried for murder, and her defense attorney told the jury what happened to the wax figure. At the same time Mark hastily confirmed his story from the gallery before the court but were rejected.

To prove their point, the two visit the home of the late Sir Wilfred, where they find a reel of Sir Wilfred’s film that tells of his and Grandpa Mark’s adventures, as well as the supernatural phenomena they encounter. had seen. They see a secret switch on Sir Wilfred’s chessboard that will open the door to a room full of objects, and find a small compass-like device. The device turns out to be Solomon’s Necklace, used by both the Angels of Light and the Angels of Darkness to travel through other universes known as Kartagra.

According to Sir Wilfred, in the world of Kartagra there are many different planes, and on each of them there are endless battles between the forces representing good and evil in the universe.

In Kartagra, every time Mark and Sarah move to a new world, they are influenced by the personalities and situations of the characters in that world. From time to time, these characters have to control their personalities, until they regain self-consciousness and self-control.

Mark intends to gather evidence of dead souls being resurrected to return to their world as evidence of Sarah’s story in court. After moving from world to world without collecting them, they arrive in a medieval world where Sarah is the wife of the evil sorcerer, Master Scarabis. After thwarting Scarabis’ plot to regain the English throne, he and Mark engage in a sword fight. When Solomon’s necklace was accidentally unlocked, the two fought in different worlds. In a world where a zombie invasion is happening in a mall, Mark cuts off Solomon’s dying arm and keeps it as evidence before Sarah’s trial. The two return to Scarabis’ castle where Mark has the upper hand.

When Mark and Sarah decided to return to their world, this time the gate was narrower, and only allowed one person in. Mark let her through the door causing the two to break up in tears. Sarah returned to Sir Wilfred’s secret bunker at the hands of the enemy. She accidentally saw a partially covered painting she had seen earlier and realized it was Mark’s.

When the trial ended, the evidence Sarah presented proved her innocence. As she exited the courthouse, a courier brought her an antique package containing Solomon’s Shoes and a parchment from Mark that read, “Join me.” Sarah happily got into a taxi and left the court.

The performer of Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

  • Zach Galligan as Mark Loftmore
  • Monika Schnarre as Sarah Brightman
  • Martin Kemp as Baron Von Frankenstein
  • Bruce Campbell as John Loftmore
  • Michael Des Barres as George
  • Jim Metzler as Roger
  • Sophie Ward as Elenore
  • Marina Sirtis as Gloria
  • Billy Kane as Nigel
  • Joe Baker as Farmer
  • Juliet Mills as Defense Attorney
  • John Ireland as King Arthur
  • Patrick Macnee as Sir Wilfred
  • David Carradine as The Beggar
  • Alexander Godunov as Scarabis

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Recently, the main content of the film contains a lot of drama and suspense and it is the same acting that makes the film more attractive and interested by a large audience.

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