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Introduction to Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993)

Return of the Living Dead Part 3 is a 1993 horror comedy film directed by Brian Yuzna and written by John Penney. It is the third film in the Return of the Living Dead franchise, following Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988).

Main plot of Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993)

The main plot of Return of the Living Dead Part 3 revolves around the story of Curt Reynolds stealing his father’s secret keycard and traveling with his girlfriend Julie Walker to the base where his father works. They watched Curt’s father Colonel John Reynolds, Colonel Peck and Lieutenant Colonel Sinclair perform an experiment with a dead body.

When a corpse is exposed to Trioxin 2-4-5 gas, it will transform the body into a zombie. The army hopes to use zombies to fight. However, they could not control their appetite for human brains, which caused the zombies to continue to fight.

To limit zombie aggression, Sinclair suggested permanently attaching zombies to exoskeletons that immobilize them when they can’t fight. Reynolds wanted to implement another method of “paretic infusion”, which is to shoot a chemical bullet into the zombie’s brain to cause an endothermic effect, freezing the zombie’s brain and temporarily immobilizing it.

Reynolds informed Curt that they were leaving, but Curt disagreed and Curt decided to get on a motorcycle with Julie. As they were running on the highway, Julie playfully grabbed Curt’s arm, knocking him off balance. Julie was hit by a pole, the impact killed her.

Curt brings Julie’s body back to the military base. He injects Trioxin gas to revive her. After she came back to life Julie felt no pain and didn’t like to chew on snacks, no matter what they did, Julie felt hungry and Curt took her to a store. A group of people made fun of her while she was chewing on junk food on the floor. Curt became enraged and accidentally shot and killed one of them. During that fight, one of the group shot the store owner, Julie bit the person who shot the store owner.

The alarm goes off and the group runs away. When Curt and Julie were sitting in a truck with the injured shop owner, Julie was awakened by the brain hunger that was tormenting her.

The group chases Julie and Curt around the city without discovering what is happening to their infected friend. Julie and Curt escape the group and stay in a cave. They meet Riverman, a wandering man who shelters them. Julie discovers that the physical pain seems to have made her appetite completely disappear. She mutilated her own body with various miscellaneous items.

The group tracked down Julie and Curt to seduce the gang’s leader, then killed him and the rest of the gang. Julie’s body adapts to the pain that attacked and killed Riverman. The group is active again before the army arrives and neutralizes all zombies.

When the zombies were captured, Curt realized that Julie was being used as a weapon and became extremely angry, then freed the zombies and killed the soldiers. During the chaos, the base caught fire and Curt was bitten. Curt’s father tries to convince Curt to leave, but he doesn’t want to abandon Julie and also learns that he has been infected. Curt put Julie in the furnace.

Actors of Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993)

Actors appearing in the movie Return of the Living Dead Part 3:

  • Kent McCord as Colonel John Reynolds
  • Melinda Clarke as Julie Walker (as Mindy Clarke)
  • J. Trevor Edmond as Curt Reynolds
  • James T. Callahan as Colonel Peck
  • Sarah Douglas as Lieutenant Colonel Sinclair
  • Abigail Lenz as Mindy
  • Basil Wallace as “River Man”
  • Jill Andre as Dr. Beers
  • Billy Kane as Waters
  • Mike Moroff as Santos Morales
  • Fabio Urena as Mogo Entvaz
  • Pia Reyes as Alicia Kitsing
  • Sal Lopez as Felipe Hernandez
  • Dana Lee as Ping, Shop Owner
  • Anthony Hickox as Dr. Hickox

Movie images Return of the Living Dead Part 3

Watch Return of the Living Dead Part 3 (1993) full movie


The movie is filled with brain-chewing zombies, suspenseful plot twists and crude anatomical effects, but it’s the sentimentality that makes this movie so special and well received by many audiences.

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